Connecting up the foot pedal

The MC1000 supports three types of throttle inputs (0 – 5v Hall Effect), The traditional potbox, and the HEPA throttle

I figured out the BMW had a HEPA throttle (some how)

The wiring colours are as follows;

1 Yellow (5v+)
1 Yellow/Green (5v+)
1 Brown (Ground)
1 Brown (Ground)
1 White/Yellow (signal)  (0.4 – 2v)
1 White (signal) (0.7v – 4v)

Using a 5 volt power supply I hooked up the two yellows to 5v+ and two browns together to Ground, ,and tested the the voltage between each white and ground. I was getting a small voltage change on the meter. All good!



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  1. The BMW throttle had issues with this controller, the voltages were wrong. So I got a HEPA throttle from a 2009 Prius. The Prius throttle is designed to work with the MC1000 Controller.

    The wiring pins are below (2009 Prius)
    Pin 6 – Wiper 1
    Pin 5 – Ground
    Pin 4 – 5v +
    Pin 3 – Wiper 2
    Pin 2 – Ground
    Pin 1 – 5v +

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